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About Us

We are DAS – Developing Athletics Software. Our vision is to create software products using innovative technology to enhance the learning and performance of athletes and sports teams.

DAS is a startup based in Berlin, made up of experts in VR, software, and sports science.

Our Software Product Apollo

Our product Apollo is named after the Greek god concerned with the health and education of the youth. It is an interactive training tool where coaches and players can meet on a virtual football pitch to train tactics and strategies of the game. By switching into the perspective of any athlete on the field, rather than only seeing things from a top-down view, players can learn tactics more intuitively in their own language.

Our flexible editor lets coaches create and visualize any scenario that may take place during a football match.

The Tool

We truly believe technology should be a tool to improve the performance of athletes. They can learn more if their environment is similar to their performance space. This was the starting point for our VR solution.

The Topic

Football is a complex team sport with infinite levels of tactics and set-pieces. From amateur to elite level, games are decided between the actions of the players and the instructions of the coach.

The Target

We call it learn and execute, because doing is better than watching: Apollo speeds up the decision-making process to reach your performance target more effectively.

Join Our Team

We are hiring and looking to expand our small, dynamic team. Are you interested in joining us on our exciting journey to change the way athletes learn through the use of cutting-edge technology? Take a look at our current job openings!

Whether your talents are in tech, the creative field, business, or sports science – we’re looking forward to getting to know you.


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